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Welcome to the Junk Car Museum, the best source for the worst cars. This site features hundreds of pictures, crash test video, dozens of helpful links, and hundreds of pages filled with information on nearly 70 and counting automobiles. Cars featured on the Junk Car Museum must have a reputation for being unreliable, dangerous to ride or drive, notoriously ugly or so badly damaged from an accident that they are barely recognizable as a car. However, This site is in a constant state of growth but it needs your help. If you have a car that you think belongs on this site please submit it at this link.

Guess what? We just added 150 new photos last month. Take a look at them at the new Junk Car Photos Section.

New Crash test footage has arrived, and now you can see the action as it happens at the new Crash Test Video Section.

Ford Pinto explosition above

More at the Junk Car Museum...

The Junk Car Museum Has recently acquired a legal case in California dating back to 1981 about the Ford Pinto's rear gas tank problem. Also we have just posted an entire Pinto History Page, detailing the Pinto from it's late 1960's planning to the present. Remember to download our free Pinto wallpaper, and use our Pinto VIN decoder to find out the origins of your Pinto!

Just released are the ENTIRE image archives from the Junk Car Museum, browse through hundreds of photos of dozens of makes and models dating from the early 1930s to the future concepts.

You would be out of your mind to say that the original Hummer was not the most awesome vehicle ever created. However, its new little brother, the H2 is a feeble excuse. See for yourself and download this brochure from General Motors website.

What was the worst car of all time. Do you think that some of the new cars that those automakers are producing have gone way over the deep end. Vote in these and several other hot (and not so hot) Junk Car Issues.

Do you preside over or are a member of an auto club and you would like to have the Junk Car Museum link to it. If so click here and submit it now.

Is there a car that you've seen on the highway that you think is so ugly you wonder if it is even a car? You may have seen a Pontiac Aztek SUV. Check it out and see what GM is saying about it in this exclusive look at their brochure.

Have comments about the Junk Car Museum. Send them to Webmaster.

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