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Click each link to download file. When prompted, choose save file to disk. If you have trouble downloading, visit the Help Page. Thank you for downloading from the Junk Car Museum, we hope you enjoy.

Hot Small and Fast Cars

Strait from Car and Driver this awesome wallpaper features a view of the Acura Integra, Mazda Miata, Honda SC200, and the Audi TT- this is truly the opposite of the Junk Car Museum's philosophy.

Dodge Razor Concept

If you thought the Honda Element was ugly then this new offering from Dodge promises to be just as ugly. (Praise god that its just a concept)

Lincoln Continental Concept

Do not be shocked. What you are about to download is a car, not a mangled ball of you know what. Thanks to Car and Driver for this lovely wallpaper.

Jaguar S- Type

A Completely opposite idea for the Junk Car Museum. This file will actually make your desktop look good. File does require Win Zip.

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