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About the Junk Car Museum


The Junk Car Museum is a collection of information about the infamous cars that have stood the test of time to be ugly, dangerous, or just plain unreliable. This site is basically a conglomeration of information found all over the internet and it is the only one of it's kind to feature just about every bad car on one web site. All of the information found on the Junk Car Museum may be copied as long as the person has permission from the webmaster.

The Junk Car Museum was created on May 16, 2002. It was originally intended to have about 15 pages of information that included a small library page, a guest book, a small picture page, and a car bio section. However since then, it has become the largest source of information for junk cars with 300+ (about 5 pages are added each day) and 300+ pictures. It is visited about 15 times per day, however that number is expected to grow as time progresses.

Since July 30, 202 the Junk Car Museum has used advertising to pay for its ongoing needs. It is affiliated with about 30 web sites selling a variety of products. All affiliates are legitimate and are managed by reporting.net, a commission web site that helps provide small and large web sites a way to pay for themselves.

Thank you for visiting the Junk Car Museum. We hope that you enjoy you experience and that you return and pass this site along to your friends. Please also remember to sign our guest book.


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